Are You a Disciple? - Ben Reece

                Now, I'm not asking if you are a member of a Disciples of Christ denomination. I assume that many of you reading this would answer yes, since I am writing in the newsletter of a Disciples of Christ Church.

No, I am asking if you are being a Disciple of Jesus. Are you learning and growing with Jesus? Are you still actively trying to follow the path of Jesus? The path of following Jesus starts quickly with a confession and a quick dunk in some often-chilly water, but it does not end there. It takes dedication to stay on that path. It takes a lifetime. Being a disciple is not like many other things in our lives. It is not something we can do once and consider it done. You never retire from following Jesus, it is something that needs to be constantly tended. Maybe you have not been tending your Discipleship as much as you think you should recently?

Well, here is a list of 5 ways to grow in your Discipleship. 

1.       Join a small group. This can be a Sunday School class, a Bible study, or even meeting with your Care-Share group more than just after church. Having other Christian people around you and discussing faith and life is one of the most important ways to maintain and grow your faith. 

2.       Come to Church. This may be the most basic suggestion, but also sometimes that hardest, especially when you are not already in the habit of coming to church each Sunday. It is difficult to get up on one of your few days off and come to church. Regardless, worship of God is a needed step to be a Disciple.

3.       Fill holes. Churches often have things that fall through the crack. We all notice things in churches that are not getting done. I often hear people talk say that someone should do something about X, Y, or Z. Being a Disciple often means doing things before being asked. 

4.       Step up. Often people may feel as if they are not up to the task which they are being asked to do. In Jesus’ time people wondered why he picked a lowly fisherman like Peter to be his rock. With God, you too can do things you normally would not think you could do. 

5.       Tell People. Christianity was founded on the basic principle that what we have is meant to be shared. Sitting down and telling a friend or family member why you are a Disciple helps you fully understand why you are a Disciple too. 

Our church has been growing in numbers. While that is amazing, it is also important that we grow spiritually, too. We may be part of the Disciples of Christ denomination, but it is important that we are also Disciples of Jesus!